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[Image: A seated woman dressed in the robes of the Speaker of the House of Commons while a another woman stands beside her carrying a ceremonial mace. The postcard is a satirical representation of what women serving in parliament would look like. The…

The Woman of the Future! When women have votes in days to come, Then things for poor mankind will hum!

[Image: Three women with angry expressions on their faces enter a room as one man knocks over a table with a drink and playing cards, another man hides under the table, and the last man runs away. The text below the image reads: "Son help mere man"]…

wellman bar.jpg
[Image: Three suffragettes with top hats stand at a bar. Another suffragette serves them. The text above the image reads, "The Suffragette Bar." The text below the image reads, "Nothing but ice cream and pretzels. Oh! Joy!"]; 9x14cm; print.

Wellman hand.jpg
[Image: A fashionable woman sporting a Gibson Girl hairstyle holds out her left hand which is grotesquely large. The lines on her hand are also highly visible. She is winking.] 9x14cm; Print

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