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[Image: A young girl in a pink dress and oversized hat speaking from atop a barrel, next to a "Votes for Women" sign in Trafalgar Square, London, England. She appears to be handing out information about the women's suffrage movement while an officer…

[Image: Sepia-toned postcard with an illustration of a little girl standing on a chair, addressing her dolls, seated on the floor. Above the dolls is the sign, "Suffragettes' Meeting," and above that is a sign with the seal for England.

On the…

Men Only.jpg
W. Rabbit, Esq. (nervously): “The Duchess is Asking for Cake.”
British lion: “That’s why she won’t get any!”
W. R., Esq.: “But this young lady has not asked for any.”
British lion: “Ladies as asks shan’t have, and ladies as don’t ask don’t…

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