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Seven to eight million men have VOTES. Only
one-and-a-half to two million women would be entitled
to vote if what we are asking for is granted.


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Insurance Monday.jpg

Chorus of Housewives: "We never employ extra help on MONDAY"


[Image: stylised image of a group of domestic employees outside two houses where the housewives are denying they employ 'extra help' to a 'TAX…

Votes for Women.jpg
"There ain't much 'am in that sandwich, 'Arry."
"No; but there's plenty of mustard."


[Image: A colored photo postcard featuring two men standing on a street corner outside a shop talking, beside a mannish suffragette holding a…

[Image: A young girl in a green dress stands pouting as she is handcuffed to a fence. On the other side of the fence a police man stands guard with his back turned toward the girl. The text along the bottom reads, "The suffragette. I will see the…

[Image: A young girl in a pink dress and oversized hat speaking from atop a barrel, next to a "Votes for Women" sign in Trafalgar Square, London, England. She appears to be handing out information about the women's suffrage movement while an officer…

The Polling Station.jpg
[Image: In the forefront a Mother tends to her child, flanked by a group of professional and graduate women including a nurse and mayor depicted as valued members of society but denied the vote and, therefore, excluded from the Polling Station.…

Why Not Let Mother Vote.jpg
[Image: Two fashionable women, a mother and her daughter, stand outside a voter registration venue. A line of poorly dressed, haggard men stand outside a building below a sign that reads "Place of Registration. The younger woman says, "And yet we…

The Worker's Husband.jpg
Lady Canvasser. Have you a vote, Mr. Brown?
Loafer. ‘Course I got a vote, and shall have so
long as my wife takes in washing.
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