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[Image: A photograph of Rhoda Palmer seated in a rocking chair. The text below the image reads: "Miss Rhoda Palmer, Born 1815. One of the five living signers of the Declaration of Sentiments at the first Woman Suffrage Convention, Seneca Falls,…

Sojourner Truth Carte_de_visite.jpg
[Image: Sojourner Truth is sitting facing the camera. She is wearing a dark dress, white collar, white cap and white shawl. She has knitting in her hands. There are flowers and a book on the table to her left. Her left elbow is resting on the…

Failure is Impossible - SBA.jpg
Failure is Impossible

If I have lived to any purpose,
carry on the work I have to lay

Susan B. Anthony

[Image: On the left half of the postcard is the title "Failure is Impossible" with a black and white photograph of Susan B.…

Lucretia Mott.jpg
"Let woman then go on, not asking favours, but claiming as right, the removal of all hindrances to her elevation in the scale of being." - Lucretia Mott
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