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As University Lecturer.

In H.M. Prison Holloway.


Hon. Sec. of the Women's Social and Political Union, 4, Clement's Inn, Strand, W.C.

Katherine Gatty Portrait Card.jpg
For Votes for Women
Katherine Manson. March 1909.

[Image: Photographic portrait of Katharine Gatty (1870-1952) in prison dress sewing. Beneath is hand written 'For Votes for Women Katherine Manson. March 1909'. There is a handwrittten message on…

Sojourner Truth Carte_de_visite.jpg
[Image: Sojourner Truth is sitting facing the camera. She is wearing a dark dress, white collar, white cap and white shawl. She has knitting in her hands. There are flowers and a book on the table to her left. Her left elbow is resting on the…

Woman's sphere facing right.jpg
[Image: A vertical postcard shows a child-like "Betsy Ross" woman sitting in a rocking chair. On her lap lies a patchwork quilt piece. She is threading a needle. On the back of the rocking chair is a red and white doily or crocheted piece. The…
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