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WIFE: "Sir, can you help me, my husband earns 30/- a week and only gives me 5/- for food for myself and children." LAW: "I cannot help you my good woman, you husband need only keep you alive, that is one of the laws of England."

The A.S.S. - " 'Out of date and a bad fit?' Impossible Madam! I assure you it must suit you, for I have made it exactly after your grandmother's pattern."

[Image: 'The Anti-Suffrage Society As Dressmaker', produced by the Suffrage Atelier, as…

117 It is true grandma.jpg
[Image: Horizontal white postcard with a waving purple banner that frames all but the top right corner of the card. In the top left of the card is a circular seal bordered thinly in white on the inside and black on the perimeter. Inside the seal is…
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