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[Image: A young girl in a pink dress throws a tantrum as she is blocked from entering into a building by a policeman who is holding up his hand as a gesture to tell her she is not allowed entry. The text along the bottom reads, "The Suffragette.…

WIFE: "Sir, can you help me, my husband earns 30/- a week and only gives me 5/- for food for myself and children." LAW: "I cannot help you my good woman, you husband need only keep you alive, that is one of the laws of England."

No 1 Cavern Villas

The Primeval Woman: "Why can't I go out too and see the world?"
The Primeval Man: "Because you can't. Woman's proper sphere is in the Cave."

[The sister of Samuel, who created the Courtauld Institute of Art, Catherine was a…

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[Image: A matronly woman is alone on the print facing outward. She is dressed well, with Gibson Girl hair and hat. She is holding a broom that crosses her body left to right. At the top of the card is, "The Suffragette." At the bottom is, "Our…

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[Image: Horizontal white postcard with a waving purple banner that frames all but the top right corner of the card. In the top left of the card is a circular seal bordered thinly in white on the inside and black on the perimeter. Inside the seal is…
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