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I hear that everyone of note, <br />
Soon will cast the suffrage vote.
[Image: A sketch of cupid or a cherub sitting on a stool while talking into a telephone. The caption is "I hear that everyone of note, Soon will cast the suffrage vote."] 9x14cm; Print

[Image: Little girl putting a ballot marked "You" into a ballot box. Text along the bottom reads, "Wot ever you do - I votes for you!" Signed by illustrator Mabel Lucie Attwell.] Color; 9x14cm; Print

[Image: A quotation by Ralph Waldo Emerson. The text reads: "It is a very cheap with that finds it so droll that a woman should vote. If the wants, the passions, the vices, are allowed a full vote, through the hands of a half-brutal, intemperate…

Postcard 1.jpeg
[Image: Kewpie dolls dressed in yellow outfits march in a line. The kewpie doll in front carries a yellow banner emblazoned with the phrase "Votes for Our Mothers"] Print

Why Not Let Mother Vote.jpg
[Image: Two fashionable women, a mother and her daughter, stand outside a voter registration venue. A line of poorly dressed, haggard men stand outside a building below a sign that reads "Place of Registration. The younger woman says, "And yet we…
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