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Governor Hughes' Vetoes.jpg
The Real Hughes and Woman's Rights

"ALBANY, NEW YORK, May 29, 1907.
"I return herewith without my approval Senate Bill No. 1212.
"The motive of the present bill is to compel equal pay for men and women holding the same…

I am netural 2.jpg
[Image: Part of a series of postcards, labeled No. 2178, 10 designs, "Neutral" Comic.

Cartoon illustration of a man hiding in a closet while two women argue in the kitchen. One woman says "I'm me own boss, see!" and the other says "You must do as…

The Closed Doors.jpg

The Mistress: "I cannot pay the tax to keep you when you are ill."

The Doctor: "You are not fit to work, but you are not ill enough to be admitted here."

The Servants: "We have no homes, what are we to do with only 7/6 a…
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