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The man who thinks that "women have no right to Vote because they can't defend their Country."

I want the vote, and I mean to have the vote, thats the sort of girl I am

Then put your shields before your hearts, and fight with hearts more proof than shields.

Striking examples of a suffragette's "home" if they have any home

[Image: Color on cream cardstock, printed vertically. HEADLINE: THE SUFFRAGETTE. Two fashionably dressed women with over-emphasized Gibson Girl hairstyles and large ornamental hats are in a "cat fight" with one woman trying to scratch the eyes out…

[Image: A man is being kicked out of a brick building by seven women who are portrayed as old or unattractive, or both. All are wearing boots and plain dresses. The main female character is wearing a "Votes for Woman" button and on the bottom of…
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