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[Image: A man is being kicked out of a brick building by seven women who are portrayed as old or unattractive, or both. All are wearing boots and plain dresses. The main female character is wearing a "Votes for Woman" button and on the bottom of…

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[Image: Woman holds a gold flag while wearing a banner which reads: "Votes for Women."]; 9x14; print.

[Image: Massachusetts anti-suffrage petition. The text reads:"I am opposed to the adoption at the State Election in Massachusetts, Nov. 2, 1915, of the proposed Constitutional Amendment enabling women to vote.]; 8x13.5 cm; print.

[Image: Text reads: "Dear Sir: Will you not use your influence in behalf of the Concurrent Resolution to strike the word "Male" from the the Suffrage clause of the State Constitution now before the Judiciary Committees of the Senate and Assembly?…

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Shant we give the
Girls some this time?


London Society for Women's Suffrage (NUWSS)
EMPRESS ROOMS December 5, 6 & 7, 1912

New York State Woman Suffrage Association circular postcard to convention delegates
Text on Card:

Dear Friend:
At our State Convention (held in Troy last Oct) you were elected a delegate to the Forty-Second Annual Convention of the National American Woman Association, to be held in the Belasco Theatre, Washington, D.C. April…
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