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The gentleman who thinks that women ought not to work, and therefore under-pays his typist.



Feeding a Suffragette by Force.

[Image: From the end of September 1909, forcible feeding was the common practice of dealing with hunger-striking suffragettes who were protesting against the government’s refusal to recognise them as…

Striking examples of a suffragette's "HOME" if they have any home.

[Produced as propaganda for the anti-women's suffrage campaign. This example of anti-suffragette 'hate mail' was sent to the headquarters of the Women's Social and Political Union…

Just by way of-5-Late.jpg
[Image: A fashionably dressed woman is outside her door attempting to put her house key in the lock. Her husband is leaning out of a window above the door in his pajamas. He has a watch in his hands that reads 5:00. There are two milk cans on the…
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