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She's good enough for me.jpg
[Image: A boy in a patriotic costume holds the shoulders and looks at a girl in a large yellow period dress. The text below the image reads, "She's good enough for me!"]; 9x14 cm; print.

Votes for Women certainly.jpg
[Image: The Title of this horizontal, two-color process card (green and red) reads: "VOTES FOR WOMEN!" CERTAINLY!!. Here's mine for the candidate I have selected for my Valentine!. The H, I and V in the sub-title are capitalized and in bold red. On…

Life is just-man & cradle 2817.jpg
[Image: At the top of this vertical postcard is a bold headline that reads, "LIFE IS JUST ONE DAMN THING AFTER ANOTHER" in block, bold, red font. Under the headline a man in his dress-pants, white dress shirt with collar, red cravat, shining gold…
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