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Edith Picton Turberville.jpg
Yours sincierley,
E. Pickton-Tubervill

[Image: Postcard, printed, cardboard, monochrome photographic studio portrait of 'Miss EDITH PICTON-TURBERVILL', head and shoulders, front-profile, white border and text, printed inscription front: 'Yours…

This card is good for 1000 votes 2.jpg
No _______

1000 VOTES
When presented by the person
to whom it is addressed

[Image: A woman wearing a large hat is leaning over a stand that reads, “Vote For No. ___”; she has one arm up. Text below reads,…

[Image: A seated woman dressed in the robes of the Speaker of the House of Commons while a another woman stands beside her carrying a ceremonial mace. The postcard is a satirical representation of what women serving in parliament would look like. The…

Speaker of the House.jpg
[Image: Printed in color on cream cardstock. A fashionably dressed woman with a Gibson Girl hairstyle is holding a broom and appears to be haranguing her miniaturized husband. He is dressed in striped pants, jacket, top hat and patent leather shoes.…

I told you so 1.jpg
[Image: Color on cream cardstock, printed vertically. Entitled THE SUFFRAGETTE. A fashionably dressed woman with a large Gibson Girl hairstyle and a tiny hat with oversized feather and hatpin is looking at a post on a wall. In the background is a…

For Senatoress.jpg


[Image: A young woman fashionably dressed with green, heeled shoes, a Gibson Girl hairstyle complimented by two green hair ribbons above each ear is standing next to a sign announcing the following:

To Whom…

Life is just-man & cradle 2817.jpg
[Image: At the top of this vertical postcard is a bold headline that reads, "LIFE IS JUST ONE DAMN THING AFTER ANOTHER" in block, bold, red font. Under the headline a man in his dress-pants, white dress shirt with collar, red cravat, shining gold…

121 If woman had the same training.jpg
[Image: Horizontal white postcard with a waving purple banner that frames all but the top right corner of the card. In the top left of the card is a circular seal bordered thinly in white on the inside and black on the perimeter. Inside the seal is…
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