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[Image: A wife dressed in men's clothing walking away from her husband as he sits on a stool rocking their child in the cradle. The text above the image reads: "Mother's Got The Habit Now."] Color; Print

[Image: Two women, one dressed in the fashions of 1836 and the other in those of 1908.]

photograph of two women showing their legs.

You're doing everything you can
To be a "take off" on a man
You succeed in the "take off"
Most everything's gone
Except your complexion
That's all "put on".

Life is just-man & cradle 2817.jpg
[Image: At the top of this vertical postcard is a bold headline that reads, "LIFE IS JUST ONE DAMN THING AFTER ANOTHER" in block, bold, red font. Under the headline a man in his dress-pants, white dress shirt with collar, red cravat, shining gold…
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