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[Image: A block of text listing many of the rights sought by the Suffrage Movement. The first word, "I," is an ornately decorated dropcap. The postcard reads: "I do not have all the rights I want. I want the right to close the mines and mills against…

[This photographic postcard shows the Prisoners' Pageant section of the Women's Coronation Procession of Saturday 17 June 1911. Lawrence Housman designed the 'From Prison to Citizenship' banner in 1908 for the Kensington branch of the Women's Social…

She's good enough for me.jpg
[Image: A boy in a patriotic costume holds the shoulders and looks at a girl in a large yellow period dress. The text below the image reads, "She's good enough for me!"]; 9x14 cm; print.

I want to speak for myself at the polls.jpg

I want to speak for myself
at the polls.

[Image: A girl in a green period dress reaches out to a boy deep in thought and dressed in a patriotic costume. The text below the image reads, "I want to speak for myself at the…

102 It's up to the parents.jpg
[Image: Horizontal white postcard with a waving purple banner that frames all but the top right corner of the card. In the top left of the card is a circular seal bordered thinly in white on the inside and black on the perimeter. Inside the seal…

She's good enough for me.jpg
[Image: At the top of this vertical postcard is the title "VOTES FOR WOMEN." Below the title is a young boy wearing an Uncle Sam suit--red and white striped pands, blue tuxedo jacket, white cumberband and shirt, and white, children's dress shoes. …

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