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Life's little tragedies.jpg
[Image: A narrative in three panels. In the first, a fashionable woman is courted by a nervous, well-dressed man; the caption reads "Fairy." In the second, the same couple, now married, walks arm in arm as they begin their domestic life. The husband…

Cockerel 4.jpg

Everything but that vote.jpg
Ain't man generous? Everything but that Vote!

"THE HOUSE" that man built,
And these are the Members who've been sitting late
Coming out arm in arm, from a lengthy debate,
Women and men 'neath the shade of Big Ben
In the Year - well we cannot exactly say when;
But the brave Suffragette very…

Just by way of-3-Woman at Man's feet.jpg
[Image: A fashionably dressed woman with an up-do decorated with a black hair bow is on her knees proposing to a man. He is dressed in a black suit and seated in a red, upholstered chair. His pose is feminized, with a hand at his mouth and the…

Votes for Women certainly.jpg
[Image: The Title of this horizontal, two-color process card (green and red) reads: "VOTES FOR WOMEN!" CERTAINLY!!. Here's mine for the candidate I have selected for my Valentine!. The H, I and V in the sub-title are capitalized and in bold red. On…

My hero.jpg
[Image: A young girl dressed in a white dress, white ankle socks and black Mary Jane-style shoes is holding out a red heart to a young boy dressed in a red jacket, white collar, white shortpants, red leggings, and black shoes. He has a red and white…
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