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[Image: Photograph of the fife and drum marching band for the Women's Social and Political Union. They frequently accompanied demonstrations staged by the WSPU.] 9x14cm; Print

[Image: A photograph of four suffragettes passing out newspapers and flyers. The flyers detail an upcoming town hall meeting for the Women's Social and Political Union taking place on October 27th, 1911. The flyers also mention Christabel Pankhurst,…

Written: “And don’t forget the donation Fri night (Jan 29, 09) if you cannot go let me know by Friday. Lovingly, Maybelle.”

Companions in Disgrace.jpg
Companions in Disgrace
Convicts and Women kindly note,
Are not allowed to have the vote;
The difference between the two
I will now indicate to you.

When once the harmful man of crime,
In Wormwood Scrubbs has done his time,
He at the poll can…
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