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[Image: A sketch of a fashionable woman with the phrase "Bryan's my man -- Who's yours?" underneath. Printed on a cream-colored card. Likely produced in support of William Jennings Bryan who used suffrage as a platform during his third bid for…

[Image: A yellow postcard featuring a fashionable woman sporting a banner with the words "Votes for Women."] Color; Print
A transcript of the message, written by Mrs. Mary T. Lewis Garnett to Anne Fitzhugh Miller, follows: "It's fine -- admirably…

[Image: A British Suffragette with unappealing features pointing to an announcement that reads, "for men only." The text above the woman says, "Another Injustice to Women!" One of our site visitors wrote in with this further explanation: "PSA refers…

[Image: A young girl in a pink dress throws a tantrum as she is blocked from entering into a building by a policeman who is holding up his hand as a gesture to tell her she is not allowed entry. The text along the bottom reads, "The Suffragette.…

The Appeal of Womanhood

[Image: This postcard, captioned 'The Appeal of Womanhood', was designed by Harold Bird to announce an anti-suffrage meeting at the Royal Albert Hall organised by the National League for Opposing Woman Suffrage. The central…

Suffrage First.jpg
[Image: A young boy with flowers in hand reaches for a young girl. The girl's doll lays in the floor at her feet. The text below the image reads, "Suffrage First."]; 9x14cm; print.



To Whom it may Concern.
This is to notify you that
I am funning for SEN-
ATORESS on the
I believe in a
reduction of the
tariff on Paris
gowns. I believe
there should be a
cut in…

Suffrage First.jpg

Suffrage First!

[Image: At the top of this vertical postcard is the title "VOTES FOR WOMEN." Below the title is a young boy wearing blue short-pants and a white and blue sailor shirt. His feet are clad in pinkish-white…
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