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The House that man built – suffragettes of note.jpg
This is "THE HOUSE" that man built,
And these are the Suffragettes of note
Determined to fight for their right to vote,
For they mean to be, each one an M.P.
And they'll keep their vow some fine day you'll see,
For the Suffragette is determined…

Take me back to Palace Yard, Palace Yard, Palace Yard,
That’s where I long to be, with the friends so dear to me;
The tall policeman, smiling, bland, to gently take me by the hand,
For Women’s Rights” anything we will dare; Palace Yard,…

[Image: Sepia-toned postcard with an illustration of a little girl standing on a chair, addressing her dolls, seated on the floor. Above the dolls is the sign, "Suffragettes' Meeting," and above that is a sign with the seal for England.

On the…

[Image: A British Suffragette with unappealing features pointing to an announcement that reads, "for men only." The text above the woman says, "Another Injustice to Women!" One of our site visitors wrote in with this further explanation: "PSA refers…

Edith Craig.jpg
[Image: Postcard with photographic portrait of Edith Craig. Craig was actress Ellen Terry's illegitimate daughter. She worked in the theatre as an actress, director and costumier. Craig belonged to a number of suffrage societies and sold the Women's…




[Image: From the end of September 1909, forcible feeding was the common practice of dealing with hunger-striking suffragettes who were protesting against the government’s refusal to recognise them…

[Image: The postcard shows the Prisoners Pageant: 617 women in white wearing their prisoners' medals and carrying 'a glittering host of steely broad arrows' representing their imprisonment. Before them is the newly unfurled 'Hunger Strikers' banner…

[Image: A masculine suffragette with her hair in a bun and a Tyrolean hat threatening to launch a "Votes for Women" stone in a sling. The text on the behind and below her reads, "Give me a vote or - Sermons in Stones!"] Color; 9x14cm; Print

All for the Cause

[Image: It draws attention to the organized breaking of shop windows. Fighting with the police was a particular favorite of the commercial publishers. This usually involved presenting the suffragettes as either ineffective and…
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