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Votes for Women.jpg
[Image: Woman holds a gold flag while wearing a banner which reads: "Votes for Women."]; 9x14; print.

[Image: Three women with angry expressions on their faces enter a room as one man knocks over a table with a drink and playing cards, another man hides under the table, and the last man runs away. The text below the image reads: "Son help mere man"]…

Striking examples of a suffragette's "HOME" if they have any home.

[Produced as propaganda for the anti-women's suffrage campaign. This example of anti-suffragette 'hate mail' was sent to the headquarters of the Women's Social and Political Union…

No 1 Cavern Villas

The Primeval Woman: "Why can't I go out too and see the world?"
The Primeval Man: "Because you can't. Woman's proper sphere is in the Cave."

[The sister of Samuel, who created the Courtauld Institute of Art, Catherine was a…

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