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The House that man built.jpg
This is "THE HOUSE" that man built
But oh what a wonderful change inside
The women as well as the men preside
They both hold the reins & no one complains
For the men now admit that the ladies' have brains
And are every bit quite as fitted to…

This is "THE HOUSE" that man built,
And these are a few of the Ladies of Fame
Anxious to write M.P. after their name,
With each sex on a par, why put up the bar?
For M.P. means either Mama or Papa,
Quoth the sweet Suffragette we're entitled to…

"THE HOUSE" that man built,
And these are the Members who've been sitting late
Coming out arm in arm, from a lengthy debate,
Women and men 'neath the shade of Big Ben
In the Year - well we cannot exactly say when;
But the brave Suffragette very…

The House that man built – minister.jpg
This is "THE HOUSE" that man built,
And this is the Minister weary and worn
Who treated the Suffragette with scorn,
Who wanted to Vote, and (a saying to quote),
Dared him to tread on the tail of the coat
Of the bold Suffragette determined to…

Where are you going to, my pretty Maid?.jpeg
"Where are you going to, my pretty Maid?"
"I'm going a-voting, Sir," she said.
"And who shall you vote for, my pretty Maid?"
That Duck in plus fours, kind sir," she said.

[Image: Illustrator Donald McGill's postcards proved hugely popular with…

[Image: A poster advertising concert. The text read, "A Grand Members Concert will shortly be given in the House of Commons, Admission by Insurance Card. Programme: Mr. McKenna will sing: I am the softest of the family. By kind permission of the…

[Image: A sketch of a fashionable woman with the phrase "Bryan's my man -- Who's yours?" underneath. Printed on a cream-colored card. Likely produced in support of William Jennings Bryan who used suffrage as a platform during his third bid for…

Edith Picton Turberville.jpg
Yours sincierley,
E. Pickton-Tubervill

[Image: Postcard, printed, cardboard, monochrome photographic studio portrait of 'Miss EDITH PICTON-TURBERVILL', head and shoulders, front-profile, white border and text, printed inscription front: 'Yours…



HULLO! -ic-

[Image: Printed in color on cream cardstock. A fashionably dressed woman with a Gibson Girl hairstyle is holding a broom and appears to be haranguing her…
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